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Cocoa Absolute Whipped Sugar Scrub


Cocoa has been considered a natural stress reducer and enhancer of health and pleasure. The ancient Aztecs valued cocoa so much that they actually used it as a form of currency.

I made this rich cocoa sugar scrub so that my clients can feel like a million dollars when it leaves their skin super soft with the subtle lingering scent of cocoa and vanilla essences.

This rich, creamy mixture exfoliates with superfine cane sugar that leaves every surface of your skin smooth and soft. The texture, similar to cake frosting, will keep the scrub on your skin instead of all over your tub. This luxurious Cocoa Body Exfoliant is very moisturizing so you can skip the step of slathering on messy lotion after you use it. By the time you get out of the shower, you'll be ready to go!

+made with custom-blended essential oils