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Lemon Peel Superfine Body Scrub Cleanser + Lotion


This 3-in-1 multitasking body scrub exfoliates, cleanses and turns into a light lotion as it hits water.

This is minimalist luxury for the discerning beauty who wants a spa experience at home. Elevate your "you" time with this special body scrub that does it all in one easy step.

Naturale's Lemon Peel Superfine Scrub does not separate--no stirring or oils coming to the top and falling out of the jar!

This is a gentle body polish made with superfine cane sugar that provides a fine and through exfoliation. The scent of lemon essential oil is clean and sharp, like pure sunshine! Since this body scrub is also an in-shower body lotion, you do not need to apply any messy moisturizer. Come out of the shower refreshed, renewed and ready to go!

•artificial colorant-free
•artificial fragrance-free
•carefully formulated with high-quality natural oils and scented with plant essences
•made over low heat to preserve the integrity of the oils and extracts.