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Calming Calendula Face Serum


This is the new go to serum for those who love my Calming Face Cream! Not only is this fast-absorbing serum more concentrated, but it doesn't contain the preservatives that are necessary in water-based face creams.

Calming Calendula Face Serum is made with all natural and pure ingredients that calm and comfort dry, inflamed skin. Calming Calendula Face Serum is a good moisturizer for reducing redness while keeping the skin super-hydrated, plump and refreshed.

Calming Calendula is formulated without any artificial colors or fragrances--just anti-aging and restorative essential oils and extracts such as seabuckthorn and rosehip.

This face serum replaces your moisturizer--use alone after cleansing. Works best when you apply to skin that is slightly damp after cleansing and gently patting dry.

Calming Calendula Face Serum works great with my Ayurvedic Facial Cleanser + Mask: http://naturalenyc.com/skincare/ayurvedic-facial-cleanser-mask-one

ORGANIC DOUBLE-INFUSED CALENDULA soothes chapped and irritated skin.

ROSEHIP OIL helps strengthen broken and damaged capillaries to reduce redness.

RED RASPBERRY OIL is an antioxidant that fights the harmful effects of the sun.

SEABUCKTHORN is full of antioxidants and vitamins C+E, making it a wonder ingredient in anti-aging skincare.

BORAGE OIL provides deep hydration.

Ingredients: organic calendula, macadamia oil, borage oil, red raspberry oil, olive squalane, seabuckthorn, rosehip, lavender essential oil and vitamin E.