Evergreen Essential Oils

One of the highlights of Thanksgiving weekend in New York City is the overnight appearance of Christmas trees lining the streets, generously bestowing their exhilarating fragrance to every person who passes down their aisle. Although evergreens evoke a spirit of good will and togetherness for their nostalgic association with Christmas and the excitement of the winter season, there is more to know about their alluring aroma and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit.  As we walk though the “forest” of trees, we enhance our immune systems and prevent the spread of germs. We gain “community immunity” as the trees imbue us with their antimicrobial, antiseptic and cleansing properties. 

If you feel more alert and focused when you're breathing in the scent of evergreen, it's because the uplifting aroma lifts “brain fog” by opening up the sinus cavity and increasing oxygen to the brain, giving a sense of well-being from increased mental clarity. It's no wonder that the respiratory tract is, in fact, the upside down mirror image of the shape of a tree! An effective way to obtain these respiratory benefits at home is to diffuse conifer and evergreen essential oils into the air.  You will have peace of mind when friends and family who might be harboring colds enter your living space...and you'll be making your home smell holiday-ready without the use of synthetic scents.

As the winter season progresses and we tend to feel more tired and stressed from all the busy-ness, evergreen scents can also help by grounding and calming the emotions, providing energy and motivation to pull us through the holidays. Here are some new products that bring the evergreen forest to you with Siberian Fir and Canadian Spruce essential oils. You can add them to your self-care routine or give them as a gift to someone who appreciates the beauty and healing properties of nature.

1. Fir Needle Soap Bar

An all natural soap bar scented with invigorating fir needle essential oil.  Beautifully wrapped with festive paper to make a special stocking stuffer gift.

2. Fir Needle Lip Balm

A natural lip balm that restores chapped lips with organic calendula extract, hydrating macadamia oil and natural vitamin E. Organic beeswax, stevia and evergreen needle essence add a subtly sweet, mood-enhancing flavor.

3. Northern Wilds Cologne Oil

A roll on cologne oil that's good for you! Enlivening spruce and fir needle take you back to the forest as woodsy cedar lends a sense of strength and stability.  Vetiver reveals a classic upscale, green note while a surprising touch of bergamot is sexy and irresistible. Free of synthetic ingredients of any kind.  This cute 15 ml glass bottle fits in his pocket so he could take it everywhere.

4. Christmas Tree Soap

Standing proudly at 4" high, this refreshing blue-green soap is infused with evergreen oils and naturally colored with butterfly pea flower.  

5. To diffuse the scents in the air, I like this attractive diffuser and this set of respiratory essential oils.  There are always people on my list that really appreciate these gifts during Christmas and beyond! 



I hope this information and new products benefit you! You can find them and more in the shop section of my website.  If you have a question or want to share, please comment below!  

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