An edited collection of holistic, multitasking beauty products that truly work! 

Handcrafted in micro batches, our products do not contain filler ingredients that large companies use to reduce production costs and increase their own profit.  Our line is carefully formulated with rejuvenating essential oils, antioxidants and flowers that complement your skin's natural chemistry.  Infused with custom blended botanical fragrances, our wildcrafted and organic products will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

All-natural skincare and hair products that accomplish more than one task.

Flowers Face Serum makes your skin better with every use and lessens the need for other moisturizers, night creams and primers. Pure Rose Lip Balm not only hydrates, but subtly deepens your natural lip color while providing a light gloss and protection from the elements.  Herbal Bliss Shampoo rejuvenates the scalp and provides gentle cleansing for the hair.  Virgin Coconut Conditioner is a daily or deep conditioner that reduces the need for additional styling products.  

About the Creator of Natural E

The founder, Elaine C., created Natural E to simplify your beauty routine with high quality, thoughtfully-made products.  She is the "real deal" who actually creates every formula in house after many months or even years of research and trial. 

Although she grew up in New York City, Elaine was drawn toward the natural world since she was a young child who spent weekends in the country.  Twigs, rocks, leaves, trees and flowers fascinated her.  She was always trying to unlock the secrets of nature.  

Passion for natural skincare 

When she received her first paycheck from her first job a few blocks from 5th Ave, she immediately spent it on new "luxury" skincare products that were heavily marketed to young women. She was shocked when the products not only didn't live up to their claims, but caused adverse reactions! It wasn't fair that busy women were spending lots of money only to be left with the same beauty problems or worse.  

Elaine began to research every ingredient to become a more informed consumer.  She studied natural ingredients, learned about essential oils and worked alongside an Ayurvedic practitioner.  After methodically creating wonderful products to solve her own beauty dilemmas, Elaine decided to offer them to other women on the go who seek purity, luxury and efficacy.


Contact: elaine@naturalenyc.com