Eye Brightening Serum
Eye Brightening Serum
Eye Brightening Serum

Eye Brightening Serum

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Under Eye Elixir is a brightening eye serum that contains plants oils that support the delicate under eye area.

♢This serum for eyes contains Helichrysum, also known as "Immortelle," grown in the mountains of Corsica. Corsican Immortelle is the best variety of this famous anti aging oil for skin care. In this formula, it is used to address fine wrinkles and dark circles.

♢We all know that carrots are great for the eyes, but did you know that they are a wonderful under eye treatment too?
Antioxidant rich Carrot Seed Essential rejuvenates dull, lifeless and tired skin. This golden oil has a high carotol content to give dry and mature skin tone and elasticity.

♢Cypress essential oil has astringent properties that reduces fluid retention and combat puffy eyes.

♢Hazelnut oil is a light oil that's an ally to skin in fragile condition.

♢Castor oil keeps skin soft while boosting circulation and reducing darkness.

♢Sweet almond oil is a nourishing oil that stimulates collagen production. Rich in phytosterols that give structure to the cell membrane of plants, sweet almond oil halts degradation of the skin's collagen fibers and helps build the area under the eye. Containing natural Vitamin E and niacinamide, sweet almond oil also fights wrinkles and addresses hyperpigmentation.

Natural E's Under Eye Elixir comes in a rollerball bottle for easy application.