Oil of OUD Natural Perfume


There was a swirl of talk about oud surrounding me. I couldn’t stop thinking about this legendary Arabian perfume referred to as a “wish-fulfilling gem,” “prohibitively expensive” “royalty only” scent.

I finally purchased a small bottle which stopped me in my tracks immediately upon opening. The scent was familiar, yet otherworldly. In a primitive sense, I felt a closeness with the scent, like it was a part of me of which I was not yet consciously aware.

There was a warm note that smelled earthy, like honey and wood. But that gave way to the impression of something more--something sacred, sensual and mysterious in a surprisingly clean animalic note layered with tobacco and soft rain.

It was like a paradox imparting a feeling of comfort and the secrets of all the stars in the galaxy all at once. 

I don't know how long I spent contemplating my little bottle of oud because this sacred fragrance really does make it feel as if time stopped.  

I simply recall a non-linear string of moments in which intuition led me to blend this oud oil into a beautiful perfume aptly entitled Oil of Oud.  I deepened the smokiness with a touch of tobacco before infusing a green freshness and vibrancy with Bulgarian rose.  Of course I crowned the botanical fragrance with an irresistibly bright citrus note of uplifting bergamot--like sun after the rain.

On the skin, the non-projecting scent smells soft and well-rounded.  It instantly elevates you, like that single fine accessory you were always seeking, but didn't know it existed.    






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