Organic Calendula Oil
Organic Calendula Oil
Organic Calendula Oil

Organic Calendula Oil

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This double-infused Calendula Oil's anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful for your dry, chapped and inflamed skin. This golden face and body oil feels smooth and nurturing on your skin. It is fragrance-free---the subtle scent comes from the olive oil and calendula flowers.

Natural E's Organic Calendula Oil has been used to relieve painful dryness in little ones as well as the elderly. It works on those delicate, irritated private areas too.

Organic calendula flowers and organic virgin olive oil are placed in an unglazed clay pot set to low heat in order to preserve the integrity of the oils and extracts. After infusing for several hours, the oil is strained with a fine mesh cloth. Then the process begins again by infusing the oil with a whole new batch of fresh, dried flowers. Finally, the calendula is strained for the last time and the beautiful yellow-orange oil is poured into glass dropper bottles.

✲ 100% organic calendula and organic virgin olive oil

✲ made over low heat--never more than 110 degrees

✲ double-infused for greater potency

✲ fragrance, preservative and colorant free

✲ use a few drops to comfort dry, chapped and inflamed skin or add a few drops to your bath salts

✲✲ DO NOT use any natural oils over a new sunburn. Wait until skin has cooled before applying oils. Calendula oil is great for helping the healing process at this time.