Oil of Oud
Oil of Oud

Oil of Oud

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Oud is intimate and warm (an animalic note that's very clean, a hint of honey and a slight buttery undertone), yet expansive and sacred (like a rain-dampened ancient church with old wooden pews, high ceilings and echoing stone walls).

Known as a spiritual scent that taps into your psyche, much like sandalwood, there is something mysterious, deep and even a little melancholy about this scent. Like many natural scents, it sparks half-forgotten memories and emotions.

Natural E's Oil of Oud is blended with tobacco, rose and bergamot. On the skin, this Oud perfume oil is soft, well-rounded and non-projecting. 

Customer Review:

I received my Oil of Oud yesterday. Needless to say, “I am currently the absolute most wonderfully fragrant female human in the galaxy”!! Please don’t hate me...shop from this vendor!! “Joy loves company”!!

--Pamela H.